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Synthetic Diamonds for Industrial Use


Toolmakers nowadays along with natural crystals use synthetic monocrystals as well. Outstanding properties of monocrystal diamond such as unsurpassed hardness and high wear resistance are traditionally demanded in diamond precisely cut angles with top quality Jewellery tools Industry.

Synthetic diamond Jewellery tools last long and can be relapped if it’s required.

We are providing the following range of products for Diamond Jewelry Tools Producers:

In case your company deals with all the key steps of the production cycle from rough crystal till the final product by itself, our monocrystalline diamonds is an interesting option for you. Besides we are ready to supply the batch with appropriate quality and volume.

This product is really universal for different tool applications. Crystal orientation and thickness can be customized according to your requirement.

Single crystal tool bars are specially designed for diamond tool makers that prefer to concentrate on the main stages of the tool manufacturing.


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