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A few words on the purpose of this section

It's no longer possible to ignore the appearance of Cultivated Diamonds on the jewelry market. The percentage of professionals and customers who are interested in lab-grown diamonds is growing rapidly.

On the 13th of July the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) officially acknowledged the presence of lab-grown diamonds by issuing a resolution after the recent World Diamond Congress where it states “The usage of synthetic diamonds for gem purposes be acknowledged and that gemological laboratories be requested and encouraged to issue certificates describing same, provided that such certificates clearly emphasize the fact that such are synthetic diamonds”

On the following pages our experts will talk about this unique product while sharing with you their knowledge acquired in our hi-tech lab over the past decade. We hope the respect and passion that we hold for this exquisite and environmentally friendly product will be passed on to you too, our dear customer.

PS: we did our best while trying to answer the most frequently asked questions within this section, however, taking into account that the industry of lab-grown diamonds is developing at a very rapid pace, new questions may arise. Please forward your questions and we will have our experts answer them for you.

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