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Synthetic Diamonds for Industrial Use


Synthetic mono crystal diamond’s outstanding abrasive hardness together with the highest homogeneity enable the manufacture of sharp and notch free micro-cutting edge qualities.

The sharpness of the cutting edge only produces a slight cutting pressure without any heat generating during machining. This means that the toughness that is almost missing when machining materials without abrasive fillers is not important and the unsurpassable wear resistance retains the perfect micro-cutting edge quality over an extremely long tool live.

For Machining industry we offer the following products:

In case your company deals with all the key steps of the production cycle from rough crystal till the final product by itself, our monocrystalline diamonds is an interesting option for you. Besides we are ready to supply the shipment with appropriate quality and volume.

Due to exceptional wear resistance, thermal conductivity and quality consistency synthetic diamond plates are demanded for production of inserts and mills for different applications.

Single crystal tool bars are specially designed for diamond tool makers. They are suitable for use in cutting tools used for super-finishing operations, burnishing tools and wear part applications.


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