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Synthetic Diamonds for Industrial Use


Superior diamond properties such as extreme hardness and high wear resistance are used in different medical applications: artificial hip joints for modern orthopedic procedures, diamond surgical blades for ophthalmic knives, blades for plastic and neurosurgery micro instruments, ect.

For the Medicine field we are ready to offer the following products:

If the concept of your product covers all the main steps of the production cycle from rough crystal till the final product, our monocrystal diamonds is the suitable option for you. Furthermore we are ready to supply the shipment with appropriate quality and volume.

In case your company has the core competence in blade production and prefers to manufacture blades in-house, we are ready to offer you our synthetic diamond plates. We can provide plates of different dimensions and thickness with plane orientation up to your standard.

When your company prefers to use its sharpening technology as a unique selling point and performs it in-house, this is an appropriate option for you. Especially for this segment of diamond knives- and blades producers we offer semi manufactured gem-quality blades that are not sharpened.

Whereas your business deals with diamond knives production and is interested in outsourcing this particular stage of the production chain, our ready-made gem quality synthetic diamond blades for ophthalmic knives can be a reasonable option for you.


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