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Synthetic Diamonds for Industrial Use


Synthetic diamond properties such as supreme hardness, outstanding conductivity and low level of internal deformation make it an appropriate material for a wide range of applications: drawing dies, single-point diamond tools, hardness testing indenters, etc.

For Tool-and-die industry we can provide the following products:

Lab-grown monocrystal diamonds are widely used for production of single-crystal diamond tools (SCD): diamond/ thrown-away diamond dressers, chisel type diamond dressers, diamond anvils, etc.; different types of indenters. Monocrystal is the product recommended for drawing die manufacturers with the complete cycle of diamond processing.

Due to exceptional wear resistance, thermal conductivity and quality consistency synthetic diamond plates are demanded for production of cutting tools, hardness testing indenters or nano indenters.

Single crystal diamond blanks are specially designed for wire drawing dies manufacturing.Their durability and hardness is the best choice for the special requests of die. Diamond die blank is made using industrial grade lab-grown diamonds without inclusions in central zone.
Superior performance is the lineament of the diamond, whether it’s a natural diamond that is mined or one that is lab-grown.
This material guarantees wire die hardness, accuracy, superior finish and an extended die life.


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