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New Age Diamonds™ is based in Russia and is amongst the largest manufacturers of cultivated diamonds. The company consolidated under the patronage of a former space laboratory, known for its innovative research centre and cutting-edge technologies. During the Soviet Period the laboratory was successfully using the HPHT method for the production of diamonds for technical use in the fields of optics and microelectronics. Over the years our specialists continued to work on improving the quality of loose diamond stones, increasing them in size and introducing new colors to accommodate needs and requests from the Jewellery market.

Company's Objectives:

— Introducing our primary product — Cultivated Colored Diamonds — to the wider, International jewelry market
— Improving existing technologies
— Implementing and developing new technologies and methods for diamond synthesis
— Attracting investments into new projects
— Expanding the company's global presence through the established dealer's network

Our team is a group of professionals passionately committed to this unique and environmentally friendly product along with its development and expansion its presence on the market.

We are sure that the appearance of cultivated colored diamonds will have a positive impact on the cultivated diamond market while expanding and bringing new opportunities for color stone oriented jewelry design.

We bring Cultivated Diamonds to the market so they continue carrying forward the message of exquisite individuality and brilliant perfection.

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