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Product specification


1. General Information on Cultivated Diamonds

Cultivated diamonds are laboratory-grown diamonds that are created in the conditions similar to those found deep in the Earth crust. As a result we receive a crystal with the atomic structure of an earth-grown diamond with its optical, chemical and physical properties absolutely identical to the natural counterpart. All diamonds, grown in our lab state positive on any diamond tester and can be certified and inscribed at major gemological laboratories.

2. Color, Carat, Cut, Clarity

Colors: the loose stones that we offer are presented in three basic colors with some variations in tints: yellow orangey tints, greenish yellow and deep red. The yellow stones are presented in a wide range of tints from fancy-vivid yellow to intense orange. Red color chameleon stones change the color from deep red to deep amber color, depending on the light (natural or fluorescence).

Carat: the weight of the stones vary from 0.2C to 2.5C depending on color and cut.

Cut: all New Age Diamonds stones are cut and polished in accordance with high industry standards. Currently we offer mainly Round, Radiant and Princess cuts however the other cuts are available on request.

Clarity: New Age Diamonds stones are graded in accordance with an international grading system and vary within I, SI, VS, VVS clarity scale.

Please follow the link to get more information on the product in our educational section:

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