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General overview
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Already many terms exist to describe this new technology, synthetic, man-made, lab-grown, cultured or cultivated diamonds. All these terms refer to the same product. We prefer to call our diamonds cultivated or lab-grown diamonds simply because it best depicts the essence of their creation as we have simply captured and replicated the forces found deep inside the Earth in the lab.

Are they Real Diamonds?

Yes. They are real diamonds at the very atomic structure. Every diamond from our lab is grown out of atoms of Carbon — the base material of natural diamonds. Deep within the Earth's mantle atoms of Carbon are exposed to the powerful forces of nature and are subjected to Extremes of Pressure and Temperature. Science has learnt how to re-create the very same conditions in the laboratory in order to be able to transform Carbon into another of its natural structural forms  — Diamond. The method is called HPHT — High Pressure High Temperature and is a primary and favourable technology now used in the field of cultivated diamonds.
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A lab-grown diamond that starts off as atoms of Carbon undergoes the same stages of crystal formation and growth in conditions similar to natural ones. The end result is a gem quality diamond that is in no respects different to its earth-grown counterpart.

Cultivated Diamonds are often called "Synthetic Diamonds" implying that they are grown in the lab as oppose to its natural occurrence in the Earth Crust. Cultivated diamonds are neither simulants nor enhanced nor treated diamonds and not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia or Maisonette that mostly imitate the lustre and fire of a diamond. See Diamond Statistics for more info.

What do Diamond Tests say about man-grown diamonds?

Without exception, all tests positively confirm the unique optical, chemical and physical properties of lab-grown diamonds, including the unmistakably high ratios of hardness, toughness, and gravity that belong to the diamond crystals only.

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